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Spices have been used around the world for over 2000 years & have influenced history like no other. Empires have been built on spices. Spices have been used to heal. Plus, to top it all they have made our food delicious!

So take a journey with me and let’s Spice Up Your Life !

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My first Spice blog

Jun 1, 2020

My first Spice blog so here goes ! I apologise in advance if I babble or go off at a tangent now and then, but I will try my utmost best to stay focused. So let’s begin folks!

My name is Sandie Vara and I was born and bread in Manchester.  As soon as left school I could not wait to go to catering college, to the dismay of my family. It was at college that I learnt my skills and fell in love with the Escoffier style of cooking. He revolutionised the way in which we cooked in restaurants and introduced a kitchen brigade and his formula is still used today. I spent a total of 6 years at catering college and learnt recipes and techniques that forged my future. 

After successfully completing my courses, I then headed to the bright lights of Leicester. I was a young lad with hopes and dreams of eventually becoming the first non white Prime minister, thank fully my aspirations have changed for a more satisfying challenge of which I truly believe in and that is spreading the word about Spices and what we eat.

For hundreds of years we have eaten food in season, we have also eaten food that was balanced. It all started with hunter gatherers who would have wrapped meat, fish or vegetables in vines then realising it added flavour and boom the taste buds were aroused ! Spices and herbs have been used around the world for numerous reasons, for example, medicinal purposes, religious rituals , aphrodisiacs, perfumes and the best one, culinary purposes for over 2000 years BCE.

Right I need to set this record straight as I feel this BCE and CE nonsense is going to creep it’s head in over the next few months and it’s really annoying me. As a young boy growing up in 80’s Manchester whilst supporting Liverpool (I didn’t know I shouldn’t support them) I felt the need to fit in more, so thankfully before political correctness arrived I blissfully enjoyed going to school, a Church of England school may I add, where I regularly participated in singing hymns in assembly and reciting the Lord’s Prayer. So whilst growing up I understood BC as Before Christ and AD as Anno Domini, also known, as the year of our Lord, as many of us believe Hindus, Christians , Muslims and Jedi knights a like, I’m sure will not be upset that we use Jesus Christ as a time a marker and we have been using this marker for a bloody long time so why change it !
So for the purpose of my blogs moving forward I shall refer to BCE as Before cooking existed as opposed to Before common Era and CE as Cooking Existed not Common Era.

Rant over ! So back to the spices, what can they do you ask? Mr Spice Guy, well they can energise you, cleanse you, heal you, whilst tantalising your taste buds and even revitalise & boost your sex life . Over time I will be posting recipes and clips of old and new that can achieve all of the above. So please follow me on this amazing Spice Journey it will be a roller coaster ride.

For my first recipe to share with you, I have chosen three classic chutneys/dips that are so fresh and vibrant they can be eaten with any meal you like. I’m not a culinary snob, if you like some strange mix then so be it ! I’m not your mother, eat how and what you want, I will just point you in the right direction to try some exciting and in some cases healthy food.

These three chutneys as I will refer to them, are made in a blender and can be stored in the fridge for at least 5 days or frozen in to food bags/plastic tubs.

1 - Fresh Mint and Cumin Raita
2 - Apple, Coriander & Ginger Chutney
3 - Chilli, Garlic & Coriander Chutney

All three chutneys can be used as a marinate for any meat, poultry or fish . This is how versatile these trio are, each has its own personality. Number 1 is subtle and delicately delicious. Number 2 is tantalisingly tart. Number 3 is simply sublime with a wicked side.

Each can be eaten with nachos, poppadoms, grilled meats, raw vegetable sticks the list is endless.
So what are you waiting for go to my video clip and watch how to make these 3 wonderful chutneys and you can be make these at home and impress everyone.

Stay Spicy 

love the Spice Guy

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