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Three Great Chutneys

Feb 15, 2019

For my first recipe to share with you, I have chosen three classic chutneys/dips that are so fresh and vibrant they can be eaten with any meal you like.

I’m not a culinary snob, if you like some strange mix then so be it! I’m not your mother, eat how and what you want, I will just point you in the right direction to try some exciting and in some cases healthy food.

These three chutneys as I will refer to them, are made in a blender and can be stored in the fridge for at least 5 days or frozen in to food bags/plastic tubs.

1 - Fresh Mint and Cumin Raita 
2 - Apple, Coriander & Ginger Chutney
3 - Chilli, Garlic & Coriander Chutney

Basically, all the ingredients are whizzed in a blender and ideally left in a bowl to get to know each other and then let the party begin. Like any partnership it needs time for things to happen and all the flavours to mix together and with these 3 wonderful chutneys I’m sure you will all enjoy.

All three chutneys can be used as a marinate for any meat, poultry or fish.  This is how versatile these trio are, each has its own personality. Number 1 is subtle and delicately delicious. Number 2 is tantalisingly tart. Number 3 is simply sublime with a wicked side. 

Each can be eaten with Crisps, nachos, poppadoms, grilled meats, raw vegetable sticks the list is endless.  


So what are you waiting for, go to my video clip and watch how to make these 3 wonderful chutneys and you can be make these at home and impress everyone .

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