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What’s the big deal about spices

Feb 22, 2019

So.... I am the self titled Spice Guy (not to be mistaken for the Spice Boys, and their white suits may I add).  If it is good enough for all my relatives weddings then it’s good enough for Liverpool FC and their FA cup final.



As always I digress.  I am on a mission to go back to basics with our food and to add the freshest spices and herbs to your life as our ancestors once did.  I genuinely believe that if we go back to making our food the right way we will not only have delicious food but we will also be healthier, happier and in some cases hornier!

Spices have truly shaped our civilisation from early hunter-gatherers who wrapped meat in leaves accidentally discovering that this process enhanced the taste.  Then as time went on we discovered the medicinal powers of spice, then its qualities of preserving food, along with leaves (herbs), seeds, and roots. 

I will talk about more about the history and all the amazing facts of spices as time goes by, but for now, I believe spices are truly a gift from the gods.

We have become obsessed with complication and food in a hurry as we do not have time.   It baffles me why people are so bothered about time and convenience that when ordering a takeaway, it can sometimes can take up to an hour or even more time to arrive.   We wait for this food because we do not know the simple short cuts that have been long forgotten and also the fun and pleasure food can give when given a go.

So I have put together a simple spice storage set that every culinary wizard must have in their kitchen to create simple food magic.  If wizards have wands then my spice students must have a spicy box of tricks!

This box contains the basic spices that will get you out of any pickle and also make you a pickle.  Which ever one you want ! 

Please visit my spice market to see the amazing array of spices and the different boxes that are available.  I am the only supplier to grind each spice with in a week of order for the freshest spices outside of Europe.

Also check out my video of where I have used freshly ground cumin to make smoked bacon even more amazing!  Or book on one of my classes today.

Stay Spicy

The Spice Guy 

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