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We all loved baked beans

Jun 16, 2019

As explained earlier in my first blog I grew up in Manchester and it was a very interesting time of my life , it truly was a scene from a 1970’s sitcom.  For starters we had a corner shop ! What a clique ! Which I absolutely hated !

When all the other kids were looking forward to their summer holidays me and my fellow family members of a certain age dreaded the holidays as it was not how the rest of our friends were spending it .  Their summers were a scene from a Enid Bliton novel, of care free children running around the countryside and waving at steam railways.  Where mine was a scene from East is East and instead of a chip shop it was a corner shop and we would be running around packing shelves and waving at shop lifters.  

However It made me the man I am today and also the beginning of my culinary journey, where we started to experiment with food and what we could grab out of the shop and spice up.  Heinz baked beans was one of these such items that was always readily available, I remember my cousins eating baked beans by the bucket full, cold beans from the tin with coriander and chilli breads was the norm at any of our picnics, Yes we were ahead of our time in the 80’s with regards to fusion cuisine.

As I discussed in my previous blog about Kenya and how my parents enjoyed south East Asian cuisine at its finest and it was here my mum loved steak and kidney pudding and chips with the British teachers until she found out what it was ! But that’s a whole different story.  I also enjoyed a similar array of culinary delights in 1980’s Manchester.  As our corner shop was the first self service shop in the area it was the hub of the community, it was a off license, a green grocer, a butcher, a dry cleaners, a video shop a proper shop ! There were a lot of different nationalities who shopped with us, which in turn aloud my mum to experiment with the array of different produce.  As said previously Heinz baked beans was very popular as it was a vegetable in a ready made sauce, so perfect, we would regularly have a different style of baked beans on a regular basis.

Next is something that is going to blow you all away and that was bacon . We loved bacon and so did the massive Irish community that came in the shop.  I remember my family boning and rolling old fashioned bacon, smoked, unsmoked with a rind , massive gammon that was chopped into huge slabs to be boiled and eaten with parsley sauce and washed down with copious amounts of Guinness.

So my mum would cook with beans and make them spicy yet delicious and any trimmings of boiling bacon that were left was made into a delicious curry, nothing wasted but the beginning of true experimental cooking.

So let me share with you a few different dishes, firstly 2 baked beans recipes that are fast wholesome, tasty and can be eaten as a side dish or on toast.  Second is spiced gammon curry and a dry smoked bacon with coriander and chilli, which is hot stuff, but truly amazing stuff.

Please visit my videos to watch me make some of these dishes and if your more interested please enrol on one of my many classes at Bridge 67 farm.

Remember I grind my own spices fresh and they all available to be purchased on my spice market page.

Stay Spicey

Love The Spice Guy

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