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Turmeric ! The ultimate fake tan

Mar 15, 2019

So Liverpool is officially the tanning capital of Britain !  Our beautiful women love to brown them selves and we have witnessed since the invention of the bikini in the 1950’s a boom in tanning.  As time has gone on some people have even chosen to cook them selves with cooking oil and some have covered themselves in some fake tan thus producing a hybrid Umpa lumpa, thus may be the invention of the Scouse brow, who knows.

Now you must be asking yourself, why am I even discussing this?  Well! It brings me to the first time I ever came to know about the super spice we know as TURMERIC and it’s fake tanning qualities .

I was approximately 5 years old.  It was during my uncle’s wedding that I had another mind blowing experience that has been etched on to my brain and now as I sit here thinking of Spices and Turmeric I have had this memory come flooding back into my life, so as always I have to share this moment with you all.

As mentioned it was during my uncle’s wedding and let me tell you Indian weddings are not simple affairs.  None of this, do you take this bride to be your lawfully wedded wife script, so lovely may I add, then the swapping of a couple of rings and it’s done ! Simple and beautiful.

In Hindu Weddings there are ceremonies after ceremonies and even ceremonies prior to bloody having a ceremony!  We have to have a special ceremony before we can commence any ceremony, It’s ceremonially bonkers . So I hope you understand there are lots of ceremonies, I would like to re word this to faffing about unnecessarily.

It was the a day or two before the big day and the whole family were in my Grandfather’s house and my uncle was sat in his underwear on a ceremonial chair, of course ! green Y fronts may I add, the height of male undergarments.  As I walked In, I saw to my dismay my uncle, being man handled by my relatives in some glowing orange/yellow paste ! It was blumin everywhere ! He looked like a giant tangerine and my relatives were also covered in the stuff too ! It was a bit like a water fight but with Turmeric.

The Hurdee ceremony as it’s known, is a very important ceremony and to be honest a bit of fun, just like a water fight.  This ceremony simply translated means Turmeric ceremony. Turmeric is considered to extremely auspicious for Hindu rituals.  There is a role for Turmeric in every ritual and ceremony and the list is endless. However, for weddings, it is for its divine glow as it is extremely good for the skin.  It also relaxes the body and takes the mind off tension. In the words of many Californian Ladies, OMG ! WOW !

So you see the power of spice but in particular, Turmeric.   As mentioned earlier spices have shaped civilisations and now upon reflection it has shaped my future too.

So this was my first encounter with Turmeric , let’s fast forward to a BBQ in Manchester and my mum's family were visiting and as always everyone gets stuck in and every bloody Indian has an opinion.

It was here I witnessed several amazing recipes and in particular a turmeric marinade for seafood that has been in my culinary repertoire for the last 30 years and which I now want to share with the world. So please visit my video to see me make Basa seasoned with turmeric, garlic & coriander.

Happy Eating!

Love The Spice Guy



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