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The School of Spice

Mar 1, 2019

This was the year I found out where my destiny would lie! We were heading on our holiday as a family, the first holiday ever.  It was the summer of 88, a glorious year and we had just sold the shop to Mr Singh and we were off to the motherland ! Kenya!

Yes ladies and gentlemen, Kenya not India, as a lot of you may think.  My parents were both born in East Africa under British rule. My mother came from a businessman’s family in rural Kenya  and my father from the capital of Nairobi. It was here I was able to appreciate the amazing wonder of food! Seeing my uncle's sugar cane farm, where they produced unrefined sugar to watching a group of Africans spice up a whole deer and bury it in the ground with a fire above it, as a young boy this was like seeing a real life beautiful naked girl for the first time! A mind blowing experience! And a memory you never forget!

Whilst there I tasted vegetables, meat , poultry like no other, it was my mother’s family that were amazing cooks and I clearly remember the community spirit in my mum's village. We all know that there was a lot of conflict between communities in India following independence and the Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and British did not really see eye to eye.

However in Africa this was not the case and all communities of people lived in total harmony, whilst the British also treated the Indians with respect along with the local African community, a golden age apparently.

My parents speak with such fondness of their time growing up in Kenya and one subject that was always spoken about was food! Food glorious food! Can you imagine the amazing melting pot of culinary expertise, from every community and this was greatly experienced.  This was clearly evident especially during religious festivals such as Christmas, Easter, Diwali and Eid and many more, there were no boundaries no conflict, only great bloody food! Bloody hell, I sound like John Lennon, just proves the power of food!

With this new passion in my heart, I had to tell my family I wanted to be a chef and not a doctor! It was going to be difficult, it was going to be a hard task to convince an Indian family of my intentions, harder than world peace . So I devised a wicked scheme and I think I’m safe now to come clean, I went and did my hotel management degree to keep everyone happy and the folks could see me in a cap and gown for my graduation.

So with this wealth of French and Italian cuisine sorcery and a major sprinkling of South-East Asian magic I have opened up Leicestershire’s first ever School of Spice. As mentioned in my previous blog, I briefly let slip about my Students of Spice, so now you can all be involved in this new and exciting School of Spice, at Bridge 67 Farm.

The farm is located in Smeeton Westerby near Kibworth and Great glen Leicester. - BOOK NOW

Please check out my cookery classes page for a list of dates of when I will be at the farm, but also smaller workshops located in Cotesbach Hall near Rugby & Lutterworth and Lily's Live Lounge Leicester City centre.  

Join me on these fun filled classes or workshops where you will learn more about spices and the benefits, ask me about the 3 H's?

I will also be running a junior Spice school in the holidays which will be titled Spice craft and wizardry, for 6 to 9 year old's and 10 to 13 years old's.

So please get signed up and I look forward to seeing you all with me.  For more info or to book please click on the link   The Spice School

Stay Spicy

Love The Spice Guy

Ps please check out my Youtube channel for exciting new recipes and my latest video where I am talking to the lovely Jill Vickers the owner of Bridge 67 farm


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