Improve your life, with spice!

Over the next 6 weeks, Eamonn Holmes and I will be discussing the power of spices, and when partnered with the right balance of foods, how they can help improve many ailments and health issues within a well-balanced diet. Eamonn got in touch with me after we met, and we spoke about his own particular issues.

He wanted to know more about the food he eats and how he could improve his own health and wellbeing. Recently my father was struck down very quickly with cardiovascular issues. As a result, he developed kidney failure, all whilst still managing and controlling type 2 Diabetes.


His diet had to change as he could not eat certain foods, thus making it exceedingly difficult for him to enjoy his food. Over the past months I have researched and learnt how important the food we eat is, how it can help improve health issues, and what foods we must avoid when dealing with certain health issues. As a chef it was enjoyable creating dishes mand writing recipes for my dad and Eammon, and now, I want to create more for everyone to enjoy. Eammon and I thought it was important, especially in these trying times, that we spread the word about the power of spice and food.

So, join us both, on IGTV or Facebook as we cook, learn, laugh and taste some delicious food, whilst we highlight the benefits of each spice when eaten correctly. Unfortunately, my father passed away during the filming of this series due to the effects of contracting COVID-19 whilst in hospital. All these recipes are dedicated to my father, Nat Vara, who has inspired me to have influence on the health and wellbeing of many people.