The Spice Guy: Family Cooking

The Spice Guy: Family Cooking


Hey Spice Guy - why would someone want to book one of your Online Cookery Classes or Workshops? 

Obviously, they are going to gain Cooking knowledge, or the kind of knowledge that’s not just for that one session.

I host fully inclusive classes, so whether you are already a confident, competent cook that wants to advance how they season, spice, flavour and develop nutritional packed recipes or someone that believes themselves to be at a more nervous stage of home cooking, then I can happily accommodate and support you. Pace of progression is client lead, fun and friendly. 

I can ensure those, that are more advanced, will still be engaged and encouraged, while those that might need a little more reassurance, won’t feel out of their depth. My desire is that my Clients will come away feeling happier, energised, more confident and wanting to cook amazing dishes for themselves, family and friends. I love these classes, I’m passionate about people and I’m passionate about spices, so I’m in my element when I’m interacting, creating, empowering and giving other people the tools and skills, they need to create and developing some outstandingly good dishes.

So, how do your Classes work?

At the moment, all of my Cookery Classes are Online over Zoom. However, as Lockdown starts to ease, I will also be returning to face to face Workshops and full on classes.

But for now, the Classes will be solely on Zoom. Once Clients have booked onto a class, I can then send out a conformational Class email with full ingredients list and Zoom link/password. 

Classes are flexible to suit clients’ needs whether that’s in a watch and take notes capacity or come equipped with a full ingredients list and work along with me. 

These Classes are always lighthearted, fun and come with free Mancunian banter.

As a Professional Trained Chef, I will of course share my knowledge of regional dishes, so you have some background understanding of where a spice/herb or dish originates from.

How a spice enhances and compliments a particular cuisine and how to best combine those flavours in a way that enhances and develops your cooking skills. I am comfortable teaching 1:1 as well as 1 to many. Please feel free to contact me if you have a client request.