The Spice Guy Asian Sensation sauce

The Spice Guy Asian Sensation sauce


Asian Sensation – Mango & Chilli Sauce

This Mango & Chilli Sauce is made with 100% Natural ingredients. There’s no surprises and no nasties. The Asian Sensation Chilli Sauce is extremely fruity at 60% mango and the flavour of those superb scotch bonnet chillies.

Although may only have 4% scotch bonnet in the sauce don’t be fooled. The sauce is no light weight in the heat department, however it is a pleasing balance between mild and too hot!

Once we tasted this beautiful creation from Prices Spices we knew we had a winner on our hands.  This is truly a beautiful sauce and can be eaten as an accompaniment to any BBQ, or any dinner table in the land.  Go on, give it go, you will love the taste as it dances on your palette.