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About Me

I was born and raised in the city of Manchester. There was never any doubt that food was my passion so as soon as I could, I studied catering at Bolton Metropolitan College. It was there that I learnt  my skills and fell in love with the Escoffier style of cooking.  Auguste Escoffier was a 19th-century French chef. His recipes, techniques, and approach to kitchen management remain highly influential today. They’ve been adopted by chefs and restaurants throughout the world.

So there I was, a Northern British Indian lad specialising in French and Italian cuisine, but with eastern food in my blood!  Armed with this unique culinary knowledge, I have used my Indian roots to educate myself in the power of spices. Spices do not just flavour our food, they hold secrets and benefits for nutrition and health!

Come with me on this this culinary journey and learn all the benefits the World’s spices has to offer.

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