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The Spice Box


This is a traditional South East Asian spice box also known as a Dabba, they can be found in most homes across the subcontinent.  The stainless steel spice box has 7 compartments, with an airtight fitting lid to keep the spices fresh.  Along with this beautiful box, you will also receive miniature spoons that fit perfectly into each compartment, thus allowing you to measure the right amount of quantity of spice you require.

Each Spice Box will have powered spices that have been ground within 2 weeks of packing ensuring the finest quality of spices outside of UK.

Each box will contain the following spices:

  1. Freshly Ground Turmeric  - 50g
  2. Freshly Ground Cumin  - 50g
  3. Freshly Ground Coriander Seeds  - 50g
  4. Freshly Ground Kashmiri Chilli - 50g
  5. Freshly Ground Garam Masala  - 50g (a mixture of my own grounded blend)
  6. Mustard seeds - 50g
  7. A mix of spices, that are always kept in the middle compartment:   Cinnamon, Cloves, Star Anise and Green Cardamon

Each spice box will also receive a £25 Spice Guy cookery class gift Voucher free as a thank you for purchasing this fabulous kitchen essential.

The price for this fabulous fresh Spice box is only £35.00 with free postage and packing, anywhere in the UK.  It may take up to a week to receive your order as we will grind spices to order, for maximum freshness.


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